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In European and international politics, which demand a reduction in CO2 emissions from economies, it is necessary for companies to think strategically about this subject, in such a way as to be able to position themselves competitively in the market in the medium and long term. In other words, it is necessary for companies to manage to identify in what way this framework will affect their business, and which innovative processes it would be possible to develop so that the company manages to maintain and increase its competitiveness in the future.
To create scenarios for Portugal in 2030, in the context of a fourth industrial revolution taking into account national, European and worldwide compromises in order to reach carbon neutrality, the challenges of the various economic sectors and the research which has been led by associates of the BCSD;
To identify potential new sectors of economic activity, innovation in products and processes and the competitive advantage necessary to enable companies to maintain sustainable growth in the long term;
To identify solutions with higher added value and contribute to a policy action, which permits us to define strategic priorities on a national and international level.
Development and Coordination
Institutional Support
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The BCSD Portugal – Business Council for Sustainable Development is a non-profit making association, for public use, which collects together and represents companies which have an active interest in sustainability. Through the conception of intercompany projects which stimulate sustainable development, the BCSD is an influential actor and inspirational regarding new, competitive, innovative, responsible, sustainable and inclusive business models.
Vision of the BCSD, In 2030, Portugal will be a European country of reference in company solutions which promote a low carbon economy, which value ecosystem services and which contribute to the well-being of everybody.

Development and coordination

Responsible for the development and success of Meet 2030 in all its phases, managing the stakeholders engagement.

Advisory Committee

Multistakeholder structure with the mission of advising and providing strategical guidance to Meet 2030

Steering Committee

Guarantees the success of project development, from the technical perspective and by assuring the engagement of BCSD company members.
Meet 2030 contributes to the implementation of the Paris Agreement, which wants to obtain an economy neutral in carbon (net zero) in the second half of this century.
The most recent project of the BCSD Portugal – Business Council for Sustainable Development will
The BCSD will challenge associates to imagine the future – the project will transport companies into the unknown, will lead them to brave disruptive ways and propose opportunities for growth for Portuguese companies on the horizon of 2030.

How to participate

Participation in Meet 2030 is exclusive for BCSD company members. Through 2017, this companies will participate in four dynamic workshops, focused on the project goals and their achievement. The workshops will be planned and prepared with the support of the Steering Committee and the Adviosry Committee.

Activity sectors that are already part of Meet2030

Food and Agriculture
Food and Beverage
Banking and insurance
Waste management
Industry and Retail

> Workshop 1

Meet 2030 vision for the Portuguese economy

> What is the role of energy efficiency in the evolution of economic growth?
> How do the different technologies of the past contribute to the evolution of energy efficiency?

> Workshop 2

Company strategies and opportunities for growth

> What are the key uncertainties for the definition of company strategies?
> How can technology give origin to new business models?

> Workshop 3

Scenarios and projections for 2016-2030

> Which technologies can improve energy efficiency in 2030 based on projections for 2016-2030, information given by companies and research done during the project?
> What are the macro scenarios which companies can use to evaluate their strategies?

> Workshop 4

Presentation of the Meet 2030 intermediate report and debate

Become a BCSD Portugal member

Being part of BCSD is an opportunity to anticipate the future and position the company in the leadership of the development of sustainable solutions to tackle society challenges. Being part of BCSD is to contribute to build another future, more balanced, fair, innovative and competitive, capable of generating work and social wellfare.
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Workshop 1
Workshop 2